Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Visa Small Business & Security - Banner Ads

Here's a funny story that happened with this project. I got a call from the guys at Leo Burnett/Arc World Wide mid afternoon on a Thursday and as usual I never turn down a project unless I'm totally booked. I went out to a pub with a bunch of co-workers from Mindblossom that night and got totally smashed.

I woke up in my room half naked with half my body on the bed. It's almost 8am and I'm half way out the door before my phone rings. Client is asking me where the banners are and I tell them I'll have it to them in 2 hours.

I rush back into the house and boot up my computer. Earlier that week my 17" monitor blew so I only had an old CRT 14" to work with. Long story short I completed the ads in 2 hours while hung over and sent it to the client. I sent over the bill for the work as well and the client had to call me back to confirm if I had the right amount of hours. I replied "Yes, it took me 2 hours."

To me when I agree to a project it's like making a blood pact and no matter what happens I will get the job done.

Good news is that I stopped drinking.

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