Monday, November 14, 2011

Deadlines Kill Creativity

I find it funny because the argument is how deadlines kill the creative process and yet another deadline is made in the video.

I feel for anyone who works in a creative field that has ever suffered with tight deadlines but that is normal every day occurrence for me. I agree the quality of work is dependent on the amount of time spent on the process but with creativity it is endless. If you were to ask an artist to put a cap on their creativity they wouldn't because no artist wants to be known for pushing out crap. This is why we have account managers, project managers and managers in general to manage artists who are unable to manage themselves. Even the best have to say enough is enough which is what Ron Crabb, a talented and established matte painter, said when he was working on a piece for over 2 months. Keep in mind he was working out of his own pocket for that project.

Its about end of day now and even I have to stop on this post because I could go on and on about creative processes and what I've learned from working with different agencies but I've got to throw in the towel so I can get back to my deadlines.

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