Monday, December 20, 2010

Creating A 12v Battery Pack

Just curious how you can power devices without an AC adapter.

Example of how to build your own 12v battery pack.

Best explanation I've been able to find so far on how to build your own 12v battery pack.

Here are some examples of prebuilt battery packs.

10 AA Battery pack in one row.

Build your own 10 AA battery pack without soldering each head together in unison.  I like this because it gives you the option to drop in fresh batteries if you are on location.  If you bought heat shrink wrapped battery versions you won't have that same freedom as the batteries are always enclosed.  Even if you broke them out you'd have to solder all the batteries together.

Once you've built your battery pack you'll want to charge them all in unison.  Otherwise, you'll have to take each one out and charge them in a 4xAA charger.  With 10 batteries that's not economical but I was able to find a device that can do just that at 

Charge all the batteries in unison simply buy this MULTI-CURRENT UNIVERSAL SMART CHARGER FOR 12V- 16.8V CHUN-168 from

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