Friday, December 24, 2010

Ring Flash/Ring Light/Beauty Dish

Interesting how they built a ring light with individual bulbs. Interesting look because it's normally a circular halo like the example builds below.

This design made more sense where you keep the flash on the shoe instead of making a custom bracket.

LED Ring Lights

Good even ring light but complicated execution. I don't think the average person would be able to make this. You can see that in the comments where people are asking for explanations or step by step instructions. A lot of dislikes because people can't figure out what he was doing.

Another LED ring light mod with battery pack.

Another DIY LED ring light mod with AC adapter.

Another example using similar LEDs.

A really nice LED ring light. More advanced than previous builds.

Massive LED ring light.

More on the benefits of these LED lights. Price tag is massive when I checked

Rotolight LED ring light. What I like about it is it's portability. No external housing battery and everything is self contained.

Halogen Ring light. 3 sizes not bad results.

Created a ring light modifier for halogen work lamps.

An example of Peter Thompson's ring light build. Here's another example of great glamour photography with a ring light in some cases.


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