Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fortis Electric - Website

Another successful website solution provided by Call4pchelp for Fortis Electric.  Fortis Electric was looking for a professional website with the capabilities to update the content themselves.  They also had a limited budget which if you're a website designer or developer isn't common to hear.  The wordpress solution that was provided allows them all of the above.  Due to the limited budget the client needed to be involved in choosing and updating the section images and content.  In the end the client was very happy with the way the site looked as they were an integral part of the overal design process.  Getting the client involved is always tricky business but in this case it worked out well.  Training was provided through a youtube video to allow the client a way to remember, should they forget, how to update the website.

Another testament to the embracing of technology was the fact that we communicated via email through the entire process.  Like most clients I work with we never had to meet face to face in order to accomplish the goal.

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