Friday, May 13, 2011

Perbee Perler Beading - Website

The formula for getting things done ( IDEA + ACTION = SUCCESS )


My buddy Doug once posted a screen cap of a TED speaker who said, "IDEA - ACTION = SHIT."  Ideas are nothing more than dreams without action behind it.  So when one of my older brother pitched this great idea about creating a website where children and adults can create and share their Perler Bead designs.  My immediate thought was if there was going to be any action behind it.  Sure enough days turned into weeks and nothing but more talk about how awesome this idea would be.  I'm sure this is sounding oddly familiar to you as it's happened to everyone at some point.


It was last wednesday that became the last straw.  I originally came up with the idea of creating a simple flash app that people can use to create these designs.  It was a two birds with one stone kind of thing as it helped the project along and was a good way for my older brother to learn how to use flash.  It seemed like a good idea but ACTION was replaced with EXCUSES.  As usual, I got pissed and said "Fuck it. I'll build you want you need to get your idea moving!"  So I got to work and build out most of the features you see on the app in that afternoon.  While I was building out the app I wanted some action on his part with coming up with some logo ideas, design ideas of how he wants the site to look like, anything else he can help on.  If you've ever worked with me then you'll know I have very little patience.  If there is no follow through then I will find an alternate means of getting something done.  I ended up branding the entire website as I went along with the app development.  The youtube video was completed yesterday after waiting since sunday for it to be built.


By no means should creating a good looking and functional website constitute as a success.  For me the success was showing how versatile Blogger is and how fast an idea can be taken to reality.  Even if you are not experienced as long as you have the desire to do something you should do it.  I hate cop outs where people believe they need to have something in order to do something.  As long as you've got 2 hands and a good head on your shoulder you've got enough, in my eyes, to do whatever your dream is.

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