Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mitsubishi 0% Financing - Banner Ads

Mitsubishi Banner ads have always pushed the limits of the IAB specs produced for Proximity an ad agency in Toronto.  This one is no exception with a parallax effect happening with the sky, snow bank and road moving at different speeds.  File size needed to be diverted from the road which is okay since it's suppose to look gravel like and the compression actually gives it some texture.  The text transitions in the flash has many overlapping elements with text breaking apart and recombining together.  The voken is another story I should have put a check in place to make sure both ads are fully loaded before executing.  It's not a big issue if you are an ad server with a big pipe that can push out a lot of bandwidth.  You might have to refresh the vokens twice, after they have cached, to see the correct ad timing.

Voken 500x500 EN
Voken 500x500 FR

French Version

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