Friday, January 14, 2011

Gatorade Basketball - Banner Ads

What made this banner ad a real challenge was rotoscoping the basketball player dribbling. As a designer you have to be savvy enough to source different assets whether they are images or in this case video. I hit up youtube and found a video which I was able to download and import into flash. Traced out the animation and made sure I traced out enough to form a decent loop. The banner ad also incorporates an animated mask within it to make it look like it's filling up. The logo splash was also added to tie it back to the commercials that were running at the time. Bubbles were added to give it the effect that it's liquid. Again another particle effect usage one of the 8 animation principles I teach.

For the smaller banner ads I had to drop in-between frames to keep the file size down. In the larger banner ad version you'll see the full frames of the animation. The results once again are spectacular.

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