Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kijiji - Classifieds - Tip #2

Post throughout the year to build up your counter
Don't feel you need to post in a huge batch or post everything before March.

Case Study:
I posted an old iPod Touch for sale in the summertime. I don't remember exactly when but it was hot and I didn't end up selling it till it got a little cold. So for the first month I got a few serious inquires but no shows. The second month I got a little more action but again no shows and this progressed like this for a while. I just kept reposting and reposting until one day I got a frantic call where the person on the other line was asking about whether I still had it for sale.

I was puzzled what the urgency was all about and it didn't click until I took a look at the posting and the counter was really high. If you cross check the date of the post it was only a few days apart but to the untrained user it looked like it was going to disappear soon. A deal was made he showed up and bought the device.

This is why I recommend posting all year round and wait for the buyers who will be flocking to classifieds during the warmer months.

This tip will vary for you depending on which classifieds you use and other regional/climate conditions.

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