Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MSN Santa Claus - Banner Ads

Santa Claus is revered for giving you gifts for being good but I think you should be given gifts for being awesome!

My niece Stephanie, who is only 10 years old and probably doesn't believe in Santa anymore, is helping me produce my portfolio pieces. Most people I tell this to react as if I'm running a child labour factory of small elves! I find this type of ignorance insulting as it undermines a child's potential to that of a sweat shop worker making shoes for Nike.

Since my work doesn't allow me much time to update my blog. I've enlisted the help of my niece to assist me in capturing and updating my portfolio images. In the process she has learned valuable computer skills, life skills and is working towards earning her own Dell laptop that she can also use at school.

The only bottleneck is me trying to find time to write something about every piece of work I've done.  This was an MSN project produced for Mindblossom an ad agency in Toronto.


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