Friday, June 24, 2011

Royal Bank Life Sciences - Banner Ads

This RBC banner build was a tricky one compression wise. When you deal with big images you have to think about how you're going to bring in all the images and keep the file size down. A reason why I believe HTML5 will never be able to do banner ads. I've seen HTML5 do banner ads that are similar to some of the banner ads created in flash. The only difference between HTML5 and Flash banners, that I've noticed, are:

1) File size - Some not all have exceeded the 40kb file size restriction placed on banner ads by as much as 3x and sometimes more to do the semi equivalent to a Flash banner.
2) Animation - Some of the animations I've noticed left out subtle masks, gradients and have simplified the animation.
3) Deployment - With FLASH you have to ad serve two files.  One swf and one static image. With HTML5 all the assets are separated and you have to send off every single image used in the animation, at least one css file and possibly one js file.

There are more reasons but I'll probably dedicate a whole post to reasons why HTML5 will not be able to do banner ads.

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