Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Call To Arms For All Designers & Developers Who Use Flash

The web is unpredictable which makes it very similar to the sea and with the introduction of html5 its a pretty rough sea out there. Especially for Flash developers as it's almost become a witch hunt for anyone who uses flash. The constant jabs by Jobs doesn't make things easier to explain to people who revere's him as a messiah. One who eats the white apple from the forbidden tree of knowledge. It's come to the point where anyone who speaks of Flash is branded a heretic and quickly becomes an outcast. Well if it's outcasts you want than Pirates we'll be. ARRRGH!
"What will you do when HTML5 kills Flash?"
A question I always hear but never understood why it was being asked. You ask questions to seek an answer but, from what I can tell, the people who illicit this type of question are only seeking some kind of emotional response. To that I can only respond by saying I will do nothing. As in I will do nothing differently. I will continue to seek adventure on the high seas, I will continue to search for bigger fishes, I will continue to push the limits of the web and sail into uncharted seas. Where mythical ideas await to be discovered by those brave enough to sail into the eye of the storm. To expect any less of me would be fool hardy.

"A ship in the harbor is safe, 
but that's not what ships where made for."

Fear for the unknown usually stops people from seeking out the required knowledge to use new tools. Honestly, I would rather have more weapons at my disposal than less when going to war on a project. By being able to wear many different hats will grant you more opportunities to pull excrement out of your ass and slap the proverbial "shit" together to form something truly out of this world. The great thing about HTML5 is that it created a reset where everyone has to relearn new things. Thus allowing everyone to be on equal footing. Now is the best time to start your voyage on the web as HTML5 is still being standardized but be warned. This isn't the life for everyone with all the late nights and scrambling to put out fires on the ship's deck.

To everyone else starting or continuing the voyage, "Yo ho, a pirate's life for me."

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