Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When is The Best Time to Sell on Kijiji

The short answer is between March & September but the long answer would be all year round.

One of the greatest things about designing/developing for the web is the exposure to useful tools. One of those tools I use on a regular basis to help me answer client related queries is Google Insight. In this example I applied Google Insight to help me figure out when users are actively querying search terms such as "spring cleaning" & "garage sale" which are the top key phrases that come to mind when I'm thinking about selling my junk.

In the chart below you'll see a series of spikes which relate to the amount of interest. Now I've set it up to show me stats from 2004 to the present and for only Ontario. You'll notice that interest begins to spike at the beginning of March and begins to drop after September.

From personal experience the time between March & September have been the most effective times for me to start posting on Kijiji. I've sold the majority of my electronics, video games, old computers and power tools during this period. I think I ended up selling over $1000+ worth of old things I no longer used or rarely if ever used. It's a great way to declutter and reap something back from your investments.

If you decide to post anything after this period be prepared for longer periods between inquires and actual sales.

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