Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OS X Lion Bootcamp Accidentally Deleting Disk 0 Partition

Last night I was installing bootcamp and if you don't know this already Lion OS X will only allow you to install Windows 7. I'm used to installing Windows XP which is just mashing on the next button. However, this resulted in the deletion of a very important partition which handles the reverting of bootcamp. The mistake I made was selecting the 200MB partition and formatting that vs the actual 200GB partition that I had set for Windows 7 in Bootcamp Assistant. 

In order to fix it you have to do the following:

External Recovery Disk
You'll need to obtain and install an external recovery disk if you do not have an external Lion OS X installer. You can download the installer here but for me I still have my external Lion OS X on a bootable 16GB SD card. Once you have it just boot into it by holding down the ALT key when booting up and then selecting it as one of the options.

Disk Utility
You have to wipe the HD by using the erase function inside of the disk utility. If you try to reset the partitions to 1 partition in the partitions tab Disk 0 will always fail because the partition data was destroyed or corrupted. You have to wipe the entire drive and then recreate a single partition once it's been wiped.

Reinstall Lion OS X
Failure to do this step will result in the loss of the 600 MB partition set aside for the built in recovery mode. That's totally up to you if you don't like Apple eating up 600 MB then skip to the next step.

Time Machine
Run time machine and restore all your data. If you skipped the reinstalling of OS X Lion you'll notice that whenever you boot up and hold down alt that the recovery mode is missing. Personally I have a lot of storage so 600 MB isn't a big deal for me.

Hope that helps someone who made the same mistake or wants to figure out how to get rid of the recovery mode.

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