Saturday, September 3, 2011

HP Widget

Where do I begin with this project. So much optimization went into this project to make it look decent without having to up the compression. Reminded me of this Roger's project that I lost on a conference call because I told the client what they didn't want to hear. They wanted to do an effect where a bunch of small little images shot out from a phone. App icon images, stars, confetti, etc. Just a bunch of stuff that would randomly fly out and grow bigger.

The real issue was there wasn't a lot of reused assets which means you're looking at 30+ unique images of varying sizes = very high compression. I explained this in the conference call and the response was you can use code to suppress file size or that the icons are really small so they won't be that big in file size. I rebuked each claim and the last thing I heard was you know what we have someone else who can do it and that was it. Learned a lot that day I can tell you that.

Later on I saw how the ad turned out. High compression and unique images whittled down to 10 or less and reused. Sometimes I think I dodged a bullet there cause I knew it was going to be crap but in the end there is always someone who will give them what they want. This is where I think I lost because I never got contracts again for debating with the client. The old catch 22.

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